To provide application lodgement services to our customers (you) it is necessary to collect certain information about you. You may choose not to supply some or all of the information requested by Fast Connect (us/we), however this may prevent us providing part or all of our services to you. In collecting, storing and dealing with information about you Fast Connect comply with all current state and federal privacy legislation.
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Compliance is based on the following principles:

  1. Information is requested from yourself or your authorised representative for the purpose of lodging applications on your behalf for services/supply with service providers nominated by you. All information collected is necessary to provide services/supply by Fast Connect and nominated providers. Information is not used by Fast Connect for any other purpose.
  2. Information is disclosed only to those providers nominated by you and to third party distributors where the Fast Connect service was introduced to you by a third party distributor. Such distributors include the managing agent of your rental property, associated real estate or relocation agent, conveyancer or housing authority/assistance organisation. Information is not passed to any other third party(s).
  3. Information collected from you is assumed to be accurate when it is provided by you. No information collected is of a nature that will unreasonably intrude on your personal affairs.
  4. All records about you are stored via electronic medium. This includes computer database records and electronic images of forms. All recorded paper information is securely destroyed once transformed to electronic media. Access to temporary paper information and more permanent electronic records is restricted to staff necessary to process your applications and supervising management all of whom are trained to and undertake to adhere to this privacy policy. Electronic database records are password protected and transmitted to authorised third parties via e-mail.
  5. You are entitled to view the information kept about you by requesting Fast Connect forward you a copy of all records kept about you. Such requests should be made in writing to The Privacy Manager, Fast Connect, PO Box 8801, Perth BC, WA 6849.