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Moving house? Let us handle the boring stuff while you focus on your move. Would you like us to…

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Who are we?

Fast Connect is Australia’s leading connections service provider, helping people move home anywhere in Australia. We provide a free and simple service for customers who are moving home and wish to have one point of contact for all utility account set-ups, closures and transfers. It’s super easy, and takes a lot of stress out of moving house.

How does it work?

By completing the below application, your information is collected and securely sent to your selected retailer on your behalf to have electricity, gas, water, home phone, internet and Pay-TV accounts set up at your new address. You can select to have one utility account set up, or all. This is selected as you complete the application.
You can also request to close old accounts at your previous address at the same time.

Please review and verify, or edit, the below information provided. Please review and verify, or edit, the below information provided by your agent.

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